Mrs V's Blemish Away Serum 100% Emu oil ( Non Vegan)
Mrs V's Blemish Away Serum 100% Emu oil ( Non Vegan)
Mrs V's Blemish Away Serum 100% Emu oil ( Non Vegan)
Mrs V's Blemish Away Serum 100% Emu oil ( Non Vegan)
Mrs V's Blemish Away Serum 100% Emu oil ( Non Vegan)
Mrs V's Blemish Away Serum 100% Emu oil ( Non Vegan)
Mrs V's Blemish Away Serum 100% Emu oil ( Non Vegan)
Mrs V's Blemish Away Serum 100% Emu oil ( Non Vegan)

Mrs V's Blemish Away Serum 100% Emu oil ( Non Vegan)

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- SUPERIOR Penetrating properties 

Added extra boost of antioxidant with Vitamin E and Seabuckhorn oil❤❤

* Speeds Skin Healing 

* Stimulate Skin Cell Regeneration 

* All Nautral Chemical Free!!


* Deep Moisturization

* Reduce Inflammation 

* Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment

* Radiation Dermatitis & Chapped Lips 

* Burn & Wound healing 

* Arthritis Pain

* Dermatitis Inflammation 

*Hair Growth 

* Scar & Stretchmark prevention 

* Petcare



* Pain Reliever 





It is recommended that you test all products on a small area and leave it for 12-24 hours to see if any irritation occurs before applying over your full head or face. Discontinue use if you feel any discomfort. Consult a doctor if you become allergic or are allergic to any ingredients ( it’s not recommended to use if you are allergic to any of the herbs or have a sensitivity to wide range of natural herbs). I am NOT responsible for any misuse or reactions to the use of my products.

This product is not intended to diagnose or act as a treatment or cure for any diseases or disorders. Not FDA approved




Emu oil is extremely similar in composition to our own skin oil. This means that our skin doesn't put up a barrier to keep it out, so it's able to penetrate through all 7 layers of the skin.Absorbing that deeply means it can work from within to heal irritated skin and relieve pain and inflammation.When other ingredients are added it carries them with it, improving their effectiveness.No other skincare ingredient has this ability!


Facial moisturizer – massage in nightly for velvety soft skin

Body moisturizer – apply to damp skin after bathing, before toweling dry

Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis – relieves red, flaky, itchy, irritated skin

Lichen Sclerosus - soothes, lubricates and thickens delicate skin

Piercing and tattoo aftercare – improves healing without petroleum or mineral oil

Scalp and hair – for flaky scalp, dry hair and hair growth

Swollen joints, arthritis – emu oil’s anti inflammatory properties reduce swelling

Radiation and chemo – relieves radiation burns and hydrates dry skin due to chemo

Improve the effectiveness of your other favorite skincare products – mix in a drop before applying to enhance absorption and results



  • Moisturization: Emu oil contains high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, therefore it is able to easily penetrate the skin’s barriers for deep moisturization2. When compared to other types of oil, emu oil had 2-4 times greater penetration of the skin2. These effects show that emu oil is able to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin extremely effectively2.
  • Reduce Inflammation: It is suggested that the plethora of polyunsaturated fatty acids in emu oil contribute to its anti-inflammatory effect1-3. Emu oil contains oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitoleic acid, among others1-3. These components have been shown to be highly effective in treating inflammation of the skin1-3.
  • Eczema and Psoriasis Treatment: Eczema and psoriasis are conditions characterized by dry patches of itchy, scaly skin. Due to its skin moisturizing properties, as well as its anti-inflammatory properties, emu oil is a popular treatment choice for people with these skin conditions3. As a natural product, emu oil penetrates the dry, cracked skin without burning or irritation3. A study showed that topical treatment of psoriasis and eczema with emu oil significantly improved these conditions in as early as 15 days of treatment3. At 30 days of treatment, redness, dryness, and swelling were all improved in the participants using emu oil3.
  • Radiation Dermatitis and Chapped Lips: Cancer treatment can be very hard on the body. Radiation treatment has especially harsh effects on the skin and often causes a rash called radiation dermatitis4. Radiation can also lead to severely dry, chapped, and cracked lips. Emu oil can be used to reduce skin and lip toxicity for patients receiving radiation treatment4. Due to its moisturizing nature, emu oil creates a barrier on the skin in order to help reduce the damage from radiation4. Emu oil can be used as a lip balm to achieve the same beneficial effects to protect the skin during radiation therapy4.
  • Burn and Wound healing: Emu oil can be used topically to support skin health beyond just moisturization5. In studies, emu oil has shown to increase the production of collagen5. The production of collagen helps skin wounds heal quickly5.
  • Arthritis Pain: Emu oil was originally used by Australian aboriginals to treat pain and arthritis6. It is suggested that the unsaturated fatty acids in emu oil helps reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, and therefore reduces pain6.
  • Dermatitis Inflammation: Emu oil has shown to be more effective at treating redness and swelling due to dermatitis when compared to steroid creams like clotrimazole and hydrocortisone7. While the steroid creams are useful in treating the dermatitis and itchiness, emu oil is a safe addition to your topical regimen in order to treat redness and swelling associated with dermatitis7.
  • Tattoo and Piercing Aftercare: Because emu oil can penetrate the skin so effectively, it is a leading natural option that can be used for tattoo and piercing aftercare1,2. It provides extreme hydration to the affected skin in order to help it heal properly and quickly1,2.
  • Lichen Sclerosus: Lichen sclerosis is a skin condition causing thin, white patches of dry and painful skin in the genital area8. Moisturization is an important part of keeping lichen sclerosus under control8. Emu oil is a safe alternative to medicated creams that can be used to treat lichen sclerosus and keep the sensitive areas moisturized8.
  • Hair Growth: Emu oil has shown to promote hair growth in studies9,10. Emu oil stimulates the skin and hair follicles which results in increased hair growth9,10. When used with traditional hair growth methods, emu oil is a potent hair growth promoter10.
  • Scar and Stretch Mark Prevention: The key to preventing stretch marks or scars is to keep the skin moisturized1. Emu oil can help moisturize skin and improve or prevent damaged skin, stretch marks, and scars1,2. Emu oil can be used on new or old scars or stretch marks to help reduce their appearance1,2.
  • Pet Care: Emu oil is a safe product to use on pets, too11. Pets that have dry skin, chapped paws, dry noses, dry skin, or itchy spots may benefit from using emu oil regularly to keep their body moisturized11. Emu oil has been shown to rapidly restore damaged skin in animals and is safe for consumption in case it is ingested11.
  • Bonus Use - Carrier Oil: Emu oil's molecular composition is so similar to human skin oil that it is able to absorb deeply into the skin. This makes it a superior carrier oil for other ingredients and medications12. Add emu oil to your favorite moisturizers or homemade skincare products to improve their effectiveness.

Composition of lipids in emu oil vs. human skin oil


Unlike typical medications used to treat ailments like dermatitis, inflammation, and dehydrated skin, emu oil has shown to have many benefits without any major side effects. Emu oil is a natural product that is able to support your health without causing additional problems1-4.

Studies suggest that it is effective for many different conditions. Emu oil is similar to human skin oil, meaning it is less likely to cause skin irritation or reactions compared to skin and health products with chemical components1.


While more studies are needed to fully understand the benefits of emu oil, this product is a safe product with a wide variety of uses1-11.

Emu oil is natural and contains many different beneficial components that support your health1.

While emu oil is safe and effective for most people who use it, always consult your doctor about using over-the-counter products, as natural substances can still interact with your regular medications.


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